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Special Considerations

Please note that some animals are dangerous or have special considerations regarding handling and transportation. Follow the links below if you have found any of the following animals.

Rabies Vector Animals

Rabies vector animals

Rabies vector species include:

  • raccoons
  • bats
  • skunks
  • woodchucks

Follow the links below depending on the condition of the animal.

Dangerous Animals


Several wild animals are particularly dangerous for the general public to handle. These animals include:

  • foxes
  • coyotes
  • bobcats
  • fisher cats
  • snapping turtles

Follow the links below for more information about these particular animals.

Sick or Injured Deer

If you find a sick or injured deer, please call the Massachusetts Environmental Police (800-632-8075) to handle these animals.

Endangered Species

Any threatened or endangered wildlife (peregrine falcons, bald eagles, some types of turtles, etc.) require special attention.