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Determine if it is truly sick or injured

The following are indications that an animal may be sick or injured:

  • The animal is quiet, dull, the eyes may be closed.
  • It has an obvious wound to the shell or elsewhere on the body.

Common Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles - Snapping Turtle
Snapping Turtles
Caution! Dangerous Animal
Blanding's Turtle, Threatened. Photo by Lori Erb
Blanding’s Turtles
(Photo by Lori Erb)
Diamond-backed Terrapin, Threatened. Photo by MassWildlife.
Diamond-backed Terrapins
(Photo by MassWildlife)
Northern Red-bellied Cooter, Endangered. Photo by MassWildlife.
Northern Red-bellied Cooters
(Photo by MassWildlife)
Bog Turtle, Endangered. Photo by Lori Erb.
Bog Turtles
(Photo by Lori Erb)
Eastern Box Turtle, Special Concern. Photo by Liz Willey.
Eastern Box Turtles
(Special Concern)
(Photo by Liz Willey)
Wood Turtle, Special Concern. Photo by Mike Jones.
Wood Turtles
(Special Concern)
(Photo by Mike Jones)
Reptiles - Spotted Salamander
Spotted Salamanders
Reptiles - Venomous Ma Snakes
Venomous snakes of MA

Please Note!

Raising a wild animal in captivity is illegal unless you have a proper state or federal permit.

Who to Call