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Common Endangered Species in MA

Any threatened or endangered wildlife (peregrine falcons, bald eagles, some types of turtles, etc.) should be taken immediately to Tufts Wildlife Clinic during regular business hours or the Foster Hospital, if after hours.

For a complete list of endangered or threatened turtles of MA, visit the Dept. of Fish & Game Turtles of Massachusetts. Only those turtles listed in the MESA Listing Status as endangered, threatened or special concern should be brought to Tufts Wildlife Clinic. For all other turtles, find a wildlife rehabilitator near you.

What to Do

If you have found a sick or injured animal you suspect might be endangered or threatened, follow the links below for more information.

Common Birds of Prey – Endangered, Threatened or of Special Concern

Birds - Prey - Bald Eagle
Bald Eagles
Birds - Prey - Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcons
Birds - Prey - Barn Owl
Barn Owls
(Special Concern)

Turtles – Endangered, Threatened or of Special Concern

Blanding's Turtle, Threatened. Photo by Lori Erb
Blanding’s Turtles
(Photo by Lori Erb)
Diamond-backed Terrapin, Threatened. Photo by MassWildlife.
Diamond-backed Terrapins
(Photo by MassWildlife)
Northern Red-bellied Cooter, Endangered. Photo by MassWildlife.
Northern Red-bellied Cooters
(Photo by MassWildlife)
Bog Turtle, Endangered. Photo by Lori Erb.
Bog Turtles
(Photo by Lori Erb)
Eastern Box Turtle, Special Concern. Photo by Liz Willey.
Eastern Box Turtles
(Special Concern)
(Photo by Liz Willey)
Wood Turtle, Special Concern. Photo by Mike Jones.
Wood Turtles
(Special Concern)
(Photo by Mike Jones)

Visit MA Fish & Wildlife for the most current list of species status for Turtles

Please Note!

Raising a wild animal in captivity is illegal unless you have a proper state or federal permit.

Who to call for help