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At the clinic

On December 6, 2017, a juvenile female bobcat was hit by a car and suffered a right femur fracture. Wildlife Clinic veterinarians consulted with Dr. Rob McCarthy, a board-certified surgeon and member of the Cumming’s School faculty. Dr. McCarthy repaired the fracture with a pin and plate fixation. After sufficient healing time, the bobcat was placed in the Clinic’s outdoor carnivore enclosure to allow her to regain strength in the leg and to enable Clinic veterinarians to assess her use of the leg. She regained completely normal function of the leg, which is imperative for her ability to hunt. While the fracture healed quickly due to the bobcat’s young age, she spent some additional time in the clinic to allow the fur that had to be shaved for the surgery to grow back in given the frigid temperatures this past winter. On March 5, 2018, with the assistance of state officials, she was released back into the area she originally found.

Bobcat recovers in outdoor enclosure after being hit by a car

Bobcat Radiographs; Left Radiograph, fracture site; Right Radiograph, fracture repair