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At the Clinic

From time to time, we feature patients we have seen at the clinic. Learn more about some of the wildlife we have seen.


Nests of Orphaned Baby Cottontail Rabbits Saved

These baby cottontails were admitted on Monday, April 24 after a dog attacked two different mothers who were tending their nests, located in the homeowners’ yard. Unfortunately, both mother rabbits died from their injuries, leaving the babies as orphans. Since the rabbits were similar in age, the group was combined Read More

Coopers Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk Treated For Window Strike

This Cooper’s hawk was admitted to Tufts Wildlife Clinic on February 17, 2017, after striking a window in Natick, MA. The hawk suffered multiple shoulder girdle fractures, which made the bird unable to fly. Tufts Wildlife Clinic applied a bandage to immobilize the wing to the body, allowing it to Read More

Porcupine featured

North American Porcupine Hit by Car

This North American Porcupine was admitted on January 28, 2017, after being hit by a car. Upon admission, the porcupine was very thin, with one large wound and two smaller wounds over its back, near the tail base. There was also an additional small wound over the tail. In order Read More