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At the Clinic

From time to time, we feature patients we have seen at the clinic. Learn more about some of the wildlife we have seen.

Juvenile Bald Eagle Found on Ground Not Acting Normally

On January 22, 2018, a juvenile bald eagle was found down on the ground on a farm after having been seen flying erratically for 2 days prior. When state officials went to approach and catch the bird, it did not fly away like it normally should. Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Read More

Merlin Released After Recovering from a Wing Injury

On December 5, 2017, a merlin, found in Ludlow, Mass, was admitted to the clinic with a left, mid-shaft open ulnar fracture. After giving supportive care with pain medication and antibiotics, the staff cleaned the wound site, applied a topical cream to the wound, and stabilized the fracture site with Read More

Red-tailed Hawk Being Released After Recovering from Anticoagulant Rodenticide Poisoning

A juvenile red-tailed hawk was brought to the Wildlife Clinic from Malden by the Environmental Police on October 22, 2017. It was found down on the ground, very lethargic and unable to fly. Upon initial exam, the hawk became progressively dull and it was noted that the lining of its Read More

Snapping Turtle Recovering after a Surgical Jaw Fracture Repair

A common snapping turtle was admitted to the clinic with a left mandibular (lower jaw) fracture (see fracture repair site circled in photograph). After a few days of observation and care, it was determined that the turtle would need surgery to stabilize and repair the fracture. Once the turtle was Read More

Osprey found in a cemetery in Salem, MA not flying

An osprey was admitted in early September to the clinic with a broken right humerus(a bone located in the upper section of the wing). It was found on the ground in a cemetery in Salem, MA. ¬†On initial exam, the fracture was stabilized with a wing wrap and the bird Read More

Great Horned Owl Hit By MBTA Train

This is a great horned owl recovering in the Shalin Liu¬†Healing Cage. It is conditioning and re-acclimating to the outdoors while it prepares for its release after being hit by a MBTA train in Jamaica Plain on July 22, 2017. Upon initial exam, the owl had a swollen foot and Read More


Nests of Orphaned Baby Cottontail Rabbits Saved

These baby cottontails were admitted on Monday, April 24 after a dog attacked two different mothers who were tending their nests, located in the homeowners’ yard. Unfortunately, both mother rabbits died from their injuries, leaving the babies as orphans. Since the rabbits were similar in age, the group was combined Read More

Coopers Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk Treated For Window Strike

This Cooper’s hawk was admitted to Tufts Wildlife Clinic on February 17, 2017, after striking a window in Natick, MA. The hawk suffered multiple shoulder girdle fractures, which made the bird unable to fly. Tufts Wildlife Clinic applied a bandage to immobilize the wing to the body, allowing it to Read More

Porcupine featured

North American Porcupine Hit by Car

This North American Porcupine was admitted on January 28, 2017, after being hit by a car. Upon admission, the porcupine was very thin, with one large wound and two smaller wounds over its back, near the tail base. There was also an additional small wound over the tail. In order Read More